The invisible 2% and How gifted people cope with their everyday life

The invisible 2% and How gifted people cope with their everyday life

Last year I had the opportunity to write an article for a german women’s magazine about my experiences belonging to a minority of only 2% with an IQ of at least 130 and more (according to the german system). What I wrote was different from what most of the readers expected. I am a very normal person who simply has another perception plus the correlating high – sensitiveness. Translated: every emotional experience, all information I get or whatever I sens feels much more intense and takes more of my concentration, according to the information processing of the norm. That made and still makes life sometimes complicating, especially when I realize that the other 98% can’t imagine how I feel.

What for one part sounds maybe unsympathetic and unnecessary to speak out openly, for the affected, once diagnosed, turns out to become a fulfilling life, finally flowing and full of new possibilities, a real lifechanging caesura. It could mean the ‚allowance‘ for being creative and unconventional, and finally to develop the self – confidence for that.

Since the article was published I had so much interesting resonance. Even on facebook from all over the world. So I decided to write in English, too. I might give answers to a lot of important questions around our predisposition, which when undiscovered can lead to a lot of different problems. What life for the gifted, especially when they still live in an inadequate system, makes so stressful is the daily achievement of necessary adaptation to the others. I am not exaggerating. It is a real challenge. Every day. In many different contexts. And some of us fail.

In the contrary to my other blog on wordpress, which contains mainly short prose, here I am planning to tell about our 2 lives. The first one deals with the experiences of my school refusing and school absent son who prepares himself for the Abitur and already goes to University (since february he is 17 and history addicted for years now) and the second one is mine, as a ‚late discovered‘ and still struggling woman in a non matching job, but positively thinking and working hard on her new perspectives.

I am so glad that in the past I could help others to understand their relatives or themselves better. To have background information about what possibly c o u l d be the reason for e.g. constant unhappiness and blockades, a depressive child or mother, drug and alcohol abuse in a family, aggressive behaviour or the very bad feeling of being isolated and, one of the worst and often experienced situations, being regularly rejected by others (even by close family members) is the beginning of a solution. To find out what the possibly undiscovered gifted brings into a flow of emotions and their normally extremely fast thinking through accepting them for what they are and what they specially need, sometimes even saves lives.

Constant under requirement and what the consequences often are, an above average high energy level and typical misunderstandings due to a lack of knowledge about us, – that is what I would like to talk about in my future texts.

But, I think I do not have to make clear that there must have been hints before, within the family history, that such a possible predisposition could be the case. Not every depression, aggression or abuse of any tranquilizing substance is ’so comparably easy‘ to explain.

I intend to write as regularly as possible and I ask for your patience should you sometimes have to wait a little longer for a new text.

Here a very interesting and detailed site, for those of you who instantly would like to get more information:


Die unsichtbaren 2% oder wie Hochbegabte ihre Alltage erleben

Wir über uns

Wir haben schon viel erlebt im Bezug auf unsere Besonderheit, Hochbegabte zu sein und trotzdem in den meisten ‚Disziplinen‘ keine Hochleistungen zu

Wir, Friedrich (inzwischen 20) und ich möchten in diesem Blog über das Leben ‚ganz normaler‘ Hochbegabter berichten. Wir möchten auf unsere Art aufklären, Vorurteile aus dem Weg räumen, erzählen und vielleicht sogar helfen und unterstützen.

Wenn man zu einer Minderheit von nur 2 % der Gesellschaft gehört muss man jeden Tag eine hohe Anpassungsleistung bringen. Wir halten es für wichtig, in aller Klarheit darüber zu berichten. Sich permanent zurückzunehmen, um gegenüber seinem Umfeld möglichst bescheiden zu erscheinen, wird uns Hochbegabten nicht gerecht. Wir müssen deutlich über uns sprechen dürfen. Wir gehören in ein für uns adäquates berufliches und privates System, sonst werden wir unglücklich oder sogar krank.

Dieser Blog wird Aspekte aus einem breiten Spektrum täglicher Fragestellungen zum Thema ‚Hochbegabung‘ aufgreifen und sie anschaulich darstellen. Oft muss ich lachen, wenn mein Sohn wieder treffende Analogien zu typischen Situationen gefunden hat. Das lockert die Sache auf. Lassen Sie sich überraschen.